The Spomenik ("Monument") website is a project that looks at the notion of the stories places tell in the context of mass graves spread throughout Slovenia. In 1945, the then Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia set upon a program of purges of political opponents and undesirables at the end of World War II, resulting in up to 600 known mass grave sites holding tens of thousands of victims. “Spomenik” seeks to answer and address this. Most importantly, “Spomenik” is not to place blame, but rather a call for recognition and reconciliation. was setup initially to look and using internet and mobile technology to allow people to create their own dynamic and digital monuments. Right now, it is an online archive that has the records of over 21,000 victims of the massacres as originally published in the White Books (Bele Knjige) by the Slovenian exile community who had tirelessly compiled the archives over the past 50 years or so.

The archive is incomplete, and a lot of the stories that go with these people are unknown, or are scattered across the globe with all the people who fled. So if you have something to contribute, please read this first and then get in touch. is now part of a larger research project of Horizon Digital Economy Research based at the University of Nottingham.